Obama Privately “Concerned” About Biden as White House Staff Freak Out Over Hunter

Obama Privately “Concerned” About Biden as White House Staff Freak Out Over Hunter

While Former President Barack Obama has publicly supported sockpuppet president Joe Biden following last Thursday’s unprecedented debatehe has privately told allies that the path to victory ‘grew more challenging’ following an abject debacle for the Democrats.

According to ‘several people familiar with his remarks,’ and perhaps most notably conveyed via the Washington Post, not only has Obama grown more concerned following the debate (and having to physically guide the 81-year-old off of a stage last month), the former president “has long harbored worries about his party defeating Donald Trump in November, repeatedly warning Biden in recent months about how challenging it will be to win reelection.”

Not only that, “Just before the debate, Obama conveyed to allies his concerns about the state of the race.

So Obama gets to save face, while adding to the growing chorus of Democrats who have expressed everything from quiet panic to public hints, to outright calls for Biden to drop out of the race.

What The Hell Is Happening?

Meanwhile in the ivory tower, White House aides are reportedly freaked out that crack addict*, China profiteer, Ukraine energy expert, convicted felon* Hunter Biden is in the building helping to counsel his father in Jill’s time of crisis.

According to NBC News’ Ken Deilanian, White House staff are asking “What the hell is happening,” after a report that Hunter has been sitting in on meetings.

We can only imagine the scene:

We can only imagine the scene: White House

The knives are definitely out…