Scientists Announce Breakthrough to Treat Covid-Vaxxed with ‘Nanobodies’

Scientists Announce Breakthrough to Treat Covid-Vaxxed with ‘Nanobodies’  nanobodies

Leading scientists from America’s top university research facilities have just announced a major breakthrough in “therapeutic nanobodies” to treat spike protein infestation, offering hope to those who received Covid mRNA shots.

According to the researchers, the breakthrough in novel antibody technology will help to eliminate the spike protein from the Covid mRNA shots and the virus.

The scientists published the findings of their peer-reviewed study in the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Journal.

The research was conducted by scientists from:

  • Roy J. Carver Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA.
  • Department of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
  • Center for Coronavirus Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
  • Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA.

By eliminating spike protein from the human body, the breakthrough will offer hope to those who are at risk of developing long-term adverse events such as heart failurecancerautoimmune diseasestrokesblood clots, and sudden death.

In the study’s paper, the authors discuss how a novel treatment method utilizing a form of antibody called “therapeutic nanobodies” can be used for combatting the spike protein infestation.

In the “Abstract” section of the study, the scientists write:

“Nanobodies, single-domain antibodies derived from variable domain of camelid or shark heavy-chain antibodies, have unique properties with small size, strong binding affinity, easy construction in versatile formats, high neutralizing activity, protective efficacy, and manufactural capacity on a large-scale.”

The study was praised by renowned American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough.

In a Tuesday post on his Substack, McCullough called for further research into the technology.

He noted that it has major potential in the treatment of spike protein infestation.

McCullough asserted that nanobodies could be used to treat those injured by, or at risk of injury, from Covid mRNA shots.

“Nanobodies should be biotechnology explored to treat long-COVID/ vaccine injury syndrome,” he writes.

“If proven safe and effective in Spike binding, nanobodies could either lead off or assist McCullough Protocol Base Spike Detoxification as the fundamental approach in large prospective, randomized, double-blind trials funded by the US HHS Biden Administration Long-COVID research program,” McCullough said.

“Yang discloses more than a dozen nanobodies developed against the Spike protein and suggests they could be given by intranasal, inhalation, or intravenous administration.”

In the “Abstract” section of the study, the scientists add:

“The viral spike (S) protein and its cognate receptor-binding domain (RBD), which initiate viral entry and play a critical role in virus pathogenesis, are important therapeutic targets.

“This review describes pathogenic human CoVs, including viral structures and proteins, and S protein-mediated viral entry process.

“It also summarizes recent advances in development of nanobodies targeting these CoVs, focusing on those targeting the S protein and RBD.”

The news of this breakthrough treatment comes amid growing concerns about the long-term impact of the Covid mRNA shots campaign.

As Slay News reported earlier, a separate bombshell study has just confirmed a direct correlation between Covid mRNA injections and surging numbers of sudden deaths seen around the world.

The study was conducted by Christof Kuhbandner, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria Germany, and mathematician Prof. Matthias Reitzner at Osnabrück University, a public research university located in the city of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony.

In their study, the top scientists identified a direct correlation between surging excess mortality in Germany and Covid mRNA injections.

The esteemed authors of the study are now raising the alarm about the devastating side effects of the shots and calling for governments to launch full investigations into their explosive findings.

The pre-print paper for the study is titled “Differential Increases in Excess Mortality in the German Federal States During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

They found that all-cause deaths soared among those who received Covid shots.

They also noted a spike in stillbirths among pregnant mothers.

Raising alarm, the authors emphasize that “ the increase in excess mortality, an increasingly strong positive correlation with the vaccination rate of a federal state is observed, which reaches a value of r = 0.85 in the third pandemic year, indicating that excess mortality increased the stronger the higher the vaccination rate in a federal state was.

“An analysis of stillbirths showed exactly the same pattern.

“No other systematic correlation pattern was observed.”