ElectionWatch 2024 – CNN’s Presidential Debate Fallout 


Joe Biden Is Nakedly Unfit To Be President Today And Certainly So In The Future

The Problem For The Democratic Party Could Be Jill Biden

ElectionWatch 2024 - CNN's Presidential Debate Fallout

There is no sugar-coating it anymore – Biden is unfit to be lead the United States. Not just for now, but for the future.  

President Joe Biden who is 81 years old and running for re-election at this time in history is an embarrassment and a national security risk to America. He is out of touch with reality and lacks the mental acuity to lead. That is the most obvious take-away after Thursday night’s debate. 

“It must be troubling within the Democratic Party” to have made this decision to “shut down the primaries and leave it to Joe Biden,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on FOX just after midnight following the debate.  

After the debate, First Lady Jill Biden was out there with her husband praising her husband in front of his supporters in Atlanta telling them that her husband did a good job on the debate stage. 

That is hardly a sane or realistic characterization. The First Lady’s reaction is expected out of loyalty for her husband, but it is a national embarrassment. 

Joe Biden could not even get through his opening statement without a lie. He claimed he was the only president in this decade when no American military died. That is a “sacred lie,” and a slap in the face to Gold families. 

Americans died in Afghanistan in August 2021. 

Trump said that he did not understand what Joe Biden said at times and the truth is neither did Americans watching the debate. 

It is time for the Biden camp to stop asking America to deal with their lies and their coercion to accept their narrative that everything is alright in their world with this president. It is not. 

President Joe Biden is nakedly unfit to be president. 

Joe Biden looked pasty, frail and froze at times during his answers. He muffled his way through many answers even jumping over words in his sentences. He not only lied he showed his nasty side at times. Trump never called Joe Biden’s son a loser, but that did not stop Biden from falsely accusing Trump of that. 

Joe Biden did not plagiarized Thursday night as he did during the 1988 campaign, and when exposed, forced him to drop out, but on Thursday, Biden misquoted facts that are too numerous to even list – from immigration to foreign policy to the NATO and inflation. 

For Biden to state that there is 40% less illegals crossing the U.S. border during his term versus Donald Trump’s term was head-snapping. It may be the one of the more glaring lies that Joe Biden stated. 

Over 10 million illegals have crossed the U.S. southern border since Biden has been president. That never happened during the Trump administration. 

California Gavin Newsom said in the spin room following the debate that he stands with Biden. That should cross Newsom off the list for replacement because that characterization is not dealing with reality. Why stand with a man who lack the mental acuity to lead? 

Although Jill Biden may want to continue as First Lady, it is time for her to wake up and stop putting herself and her husband and family before the country. 

Many democrats who have been supporting Bidens are now freaked out because they realize that with all of the domestic problems and international wars that could easily expand into World War III, Joe Biden is not the answer. 

Several democrats responded, but asked for anonymity. We granted that.  

“Joe has to go. Jill is the problem.” 

“If this is his best foot forward then Joe fell not short and miserably failed. I’m sorry I contributed.” 

“Joe will not listen to even Obama at this point. Jill wants to be First Lady again.” 

“Troubling is not even the right words. I never thought I would vote for Trump, but I will. Now, I am terrified to have Joe in the White House.”

“I am now voting for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I cannot vote for a republican. Never thought I would even vote for a independent, but I will. I feel betrayed by the democratic party.“ 

“There is something fundamentally wrong within our democratic party. These people are liars. My jaw dropped when Joe Biden said that the democrats do not support late-term abortion. Bill Clinton supported that.” 

That anonymous democrat is correct. In the 1990s then President William J. Clinton vetoed a law to outlaw late term abortions, as reported in the LA Times.