Top Doctor Confirms Ivermectin Cures Cancer

Top Doctor Confirms Ivermectin Cures Cancer

A renowned medical doctor has spoken out to confirm reports that the drug ivermectin has been used to successfully cure cancer patients.

Dr. Paul Marik, an American physician and former professor of medicine, made the bombshell announcement during a new interview.

Marik, a former critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital who also served as chair of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, revealed that “the cancer disappeared” when patients were given ivermectin.

Second to penicillin, Ivermectin is often recognized for having the greatest impact on human health.

Its discovery even won the Nobel Prize.

However, when it was found to treat Covid patients and threatened the rollout of mRNA shots, corporate media propagandists scrambled to convince the public that the wonder drug is nothing more than a “dangerous horse dewormer.”

However, major breakthroughs have emerged in recent weeks as ivermectin has been found to be “very effective against certain cancers.”

Dr. Marik revealed that ivermectin was given to patients as part of a “combination approach” alongside other drugs.

He revealed that the introduction of ivermectin provided astonishing results.

During the new interview with the Epoch Times, Marik announced:

“Patients who had solid tumors, who were given the horse dewormer (ivermectin), and together with some other drugs … the cancer disappeared.”


The revelation from Dr. Marik confirms a previous bombshell announcement from one of the world’s leading oncologists.

Amazingly, she revealed that every terminally ill patient who tried ivermectin made a full recovery that left doctors stunned.

Dr. Ruddy revealed that the so-called “horse dewormer” has stunned doctors by triggering dramatic recoveries in those suffering late-stage cancer.

Ruddy said the drug was tried on three patients who had exhausted all other cancer treatments.

She revealed that the patients went from their deathbeds to making a full recovery and being completely cancer-free in under a year after taking ivermectin.

One patient had a grim future when the cancer had spread so much that he was expected to soon die.

This man had stage four prostate cancer, Ruddy explains.

He had tried all the conventional protocols before doctors told him that there was nothing more they could do.

When the man had nothing left to lose, he started taking ivermectin and the results were astonishing.

Within six months, the metastatic lesions began to disappear, according to Dr. Ruddy.

In under a year, “he was out dancing for four hours,” three nights per week, she revealed.

A similar scenario unfolded for another man named Eddie.

He was diagnosed with two unresectable esophageal tumors that surgeons were unable to remove.

Eddie couldn’t swallow and had lost 40 pounds in a year and a half.

However, he started taking ivermectin and doctors couldn’t believe the transformation.

“Within a couple of weeks, he sounded stronger,” Ruddy noted.

“He could swallow.

“He had gained six pounds.

“His voice was better.”

A few weeks later, Ruddy told Eddie, “Get a scan.”

“We got the scan,” Ruddy recalled.

“No tumors. Gone. Gone.”

She said all of the other patients had similar stories and made amazing recoveries.

She noted that the probably of the patients recovering coincidentally while taking ivermectin was “zero”

“It’s like winning the lottery on the first three tickets you ever buy,” she explained.

She noted that the patients were not vaccinated for Covid.


Meanwhile, multiple studies have continued to emerge linking soaring cancer rates to Covid mRNA shots.

As THAIMBC News reported, two new studies have just been published showing links between the deadly disease and the injections.

The two recent studies both confirm warnings from leading experts around the world that spike proteins and damaged autoimmune symptoms are triggering turbo cancers in the vaxxed.