Russia Warns Biden Admin Planning False Flag Pandemic before Election


Russia’s Ministry of Defense has issued a chilling warning that Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to launch a false flag attack in the United States before the November election that involves unleashing deadly bioweapons to create a new pandemic.

The stomach-churning warning was issued during a press conference by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Kirillov claims Russia has uncovered evidence that the bioweapons operation will be launched by Biden’s Pentagon but blamed on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A segment of Kirillov’s press conference was shared in a post on X and translated to English by a U.S. military veteran and researcher known as WarClandestine.

During his statement, Kirillov explains that the Pentagon has relocated its secretive Ukrainian biolab operation to Africa.

Specifically, Kirillov said the Pentagon’s biolab activities are taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The Russian military general warns that a new variant of monkeypox that reportedly “causes miscarriage and has a fatality rate of 10 percent” was developed in the labs and is currently spreading in the DRC.

Kirillov also explained how the U.S. government is using third-party companies such as the Hunter Biden-linked groups Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance.

In addition, the Pentagon is working with a company called Quicksilver and over twenty others.

These corporations are essentially used as buffers so the government doesn’t get into legal trouble by creating bioweapons against global agreements.

In his post on X, Clandestine wrote:

“Also keep in mind, the founder of Biden-owned Metabiota is Ghislaine Maxwell and Clinton affiliate, Virologist Nathan Wolfe.”

“To conceal the purposes of the research, Washington uses third parties.

“These are contracting and intermediary organizations (Metabiota, Quick-Silver, Eco-Health-Alliance, more than 20 companies in total), as well as enterprises of the so-called Big Pharma,” he stated.


Kirillov continues by pointing out that Metabiota’s work in Africa was discontinued.

The company’s work was shut down after national governments started questioning Metabiota’s connections to the Biden administration.

“In 2014, samples of the Ebola virus were illegally exported by company representatives and transferred to the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases,” Kirillov said.

“I would like to once again recall Washington’s opaque methods of work and warn our African partners against cooperation with the United States in the military-biological sphere,” he added.

“As practice shows, such interaction results in a loss of national sovereignty in the field of biosafety and a worsening of the morbidity situation.”

Kirillov alleges that a 2013 yellow fever outbreak in Cairo, Egypt was connected to a U.S. military biolab.

The outbreak killed 60,000 people.

The top Russian official also suggested the U.S. government is planning to intentionally spread a new deadly disease via “migratory birds.”

He warns that this is part of a plan to release another pandemic ahead of the critical 2024 presidential election.

“Let me remind you that the main goal of Washington is the removal of strains of dangerous pathogens and biomaterials from the territory of Ukraine, as well as the implementation of a number of very specific programs codenamed ‘U-Pi’ and ‘TAP’,” Kirillov said.

“For example, ‘U-Pi-4’: ‘Studying the possibility of the spread of particularly dangerous pathogens through migratory birds‘; ‘U-Pi-10’: ‘Study of the spread of African swine fever in Ukraine in the wild and through trade routes.’”

Concluding his message, the Russian MOD official pointed out the U.S. is increasingly trying to control the United Nations Secretary-General’s Mechanism to Investigate Alleged Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons.

According to Russia, this move is “aimed at creating its own tool under its control for investigating outbreaks of infectious diseases and other bioincidents.”

“The dominant role of the United States in the activities of the Secretary-General’s Mechanism will allow Western countries to assign blame at their discretion, as happened in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” Kirillov explained.


The full Russian report can also be reviewed here.