Epstein Survivor Says She Met Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey While Being Groomed

Epstein Survivor Says She Met Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey While Being Groomed

A survivor of the late Jeffrey Epsetin’s trafficking ring says she met former President Bill Clinton and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey while she was being groomed by the billionaire.

Juliette Bryant recalls that she was 20 years old when she was approached by Naja Hill, one of Epstein’s associates.

She says Hill approached her at a bar in Cape Town, South Africa, where she was hanging out with a friend.

It wasn’t long before Bryant was invited to meet Hill’s billionaire boss Epstein and “his friend Bill Clinton.”

That was the beginning of what would turn into a years-long nightmare for Bryant.

During a new interview with Alex Stein, Bryant shared some harrowing details of her story.

“[Naja Hill] approached me and she said that her friend was here, he was the king of America, and he was here with his friend Bill Clinton, and he owned his own island in the Caribbean, and his friend owned Victoria Secret, and would I like to meet him,” Bryant recounts.

She noted that she initially thought it was “the most amazing opportunity.”

Bryant revealed that Epstein, Clinton, and Spacey appeared to be as thock as thieves.

“So, I went to the restaurant where they were, and it was Epstein, Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and about three or four other people … and they all stood up while they were having dinner and shook my hand,” she continues.

“Bill Clinton actually held on to my hand for a very long time; it was very weird.”

The next day, Bryant was invited to meet Epstein again to discuss modeling opportunities.

“They looked at my modeling portfolio … and Bill Clinton walked past and witnessed the whole modeling casting, and then Epstein looked at my modeling portfolio and said he thought I’d be perfect for Victoria’s Secret and he wanted to bring me over,” she tells Alex.

Three weeks later, Bryant was given a green card and arrived in New York.

However, she didn’t stay in New York exclusively.

“I was taken to all the properties, actually,” she says.

Those properties included Epstein’s mysterious Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

At the ranch, she claims she met Michael Bay, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie producers.

“Did you ever interact with the queen’s son, Prince Andrew?” Stein asks.

“No, I never met him, but … Epstein and Maxwell used to speak about their friend Andy,” she says.

“Did [Bill Clinton] sleep with any victims that you know of?”

“I didn’t see him doing that, but I’m sure he’d be more clever about it and not let people see it,” Bryant asserted.


Bryant’s comments were a response to a clip of Kevin Spacey telling Piers Morgan that he didn’t really know Jeffery Epstein.

As THAIMBC News reported, during the contradiction-filled interview, Spacey denied any connection to Epstein while attempting to distance Clinton from allegations of misconduct.

However, during his failed attempts to protect the former president, Spacey ended up admitting that Clinton was surrounded by “young girls” on Epstein’s private jet.