Israel Approves Battle Plans for Lebanon Offensive Against Hezbollah

Israel Approves Battle Plans for Lebanon Offensive Against Hezbollah

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Tuesday that the country’s top generals have formally approved a plan to launch an offensive campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, preparing to “accelerate readiness in the field” if hostilities with the militant group continue.

In a statement announcing the plans, the IDF disclosed that Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin of the Israeli Northern Command and Maj. Gen. Oded Basiuk, head of the Operations Directorate, held an assessment with other military commanders during which “operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon were approved.” The plan includes placing troops on standby in preparation for new operations, as well as bracing for additional strikes from Hezbollah.

Since the start of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip, the Iran-backed forces of Hezbollah and other allied groups in Lebanon have launched multiple drone and missile strikes across Israel’s northern border.

“Israel cannot tolerate the ongoing provocations and attacks from Lebanon,” warned IDF officials. A military spokesperson further stated that “we are prepared to take military action if diplomatic efforts fail to address the threats posed by Hezbollah along our border.”

However, despite the approval of the plan, Israeli officials maintain that a diplomatic solution to the situation is preferred. Israel’s allies share that same position, with Pentagon spokesman Major General Patrick Ryder stating that “no one wants to see a wider regional war,” but refusing to “get into hypotheticals and speculate on what might happen.”

Thus far, diplomatic pressure on both Israel and Lebanon has prevented a broader escalation of the conflict. However, with aggression from Hezbollah continuing unabated, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet is suggesting that the terrorist group’s presence at their border will no longer be tolerated.

Last week, video footage recorded at the Israel-Lebanon border showed a group of IDF soldiers launching a flaming projectile into Hezbollah-controlled territory with a medieval trebuchet.

The unconventional bombardment came just after Lebanon fired more than 200 rockets into northern Israel in retaliation for the possible Israeli assassination of senior Hezbollah leader Taleb Sami Abdullah earlier that week.