Ameca: ‘World’s most advanced’ humanoid robot ready to meet humans

Ameca: 'World's most advanced' humanoid robot ready to meet humans

Meet Ameca, the ‘world’s most advanced’ humanoid robot, who has just moved to Edinburgh as part of a project to help robots and humans understand each other better.

It’s called a ‘humanoid’ robot because it’s been designed to look and act in a similar way to us.

The robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to react, recognise and talk to people, with cameras for eyes and microphones for ears.

Ameca will be getting out and about at public events, school visits, and workshops across Scotland.

The robot has made the journey all the way up the UK from Cornwall to Edinburgh, to its new home at the National Robotarium.

Based at Heriot-Watt University in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, the National Robotarium works to develop robotic tech that has a positive impact on our world.

Researchers there hope that Ameca’s arrival will give people the chance to learn more about robots.