Elon Musk Reveals Trump Often Calls Him ‘Out of the Blue’ amid ‘Growing Alliance’

Elon Musk Reveals Trump Often Calls Him ‘Out of the Blue’ amid ‘Growing Alliance’

X boss Elon Musk has revealed that he often speaks with President Donald Trump on the phone as an alliance continues to grow between the two powerful figures.

Musk said during a Tesla shareholder meeting on Thursday that he has a good rapport with Trump, Fox News reported.

This revelation comes as speculation mounts of a future White House advisory role for Musk should Trump win re-election in November.

Musk revealed that the 45th president often reaches out to him, suggesting mutual respect and friendship.

“He does call me out of the blue for no reason,” Musk said.

“I don’t know why, but he does,” Musk added.

The SpaceX founder and CEO said that Trump is “very nice when he calls.”

He revealed that the pair speak about the electric vehicles Musk’s company Tesla manufactures.

Musk said that in the past, he’s told Trump that electric vehicles are “pretty good for the future.”

Trump said he believes that “America’s the leader in electric cars.”

In turn, Trump is particularly a “huge fan of the Cybertruck,” Tesla’s latest vehicle, Musk said.

Trump and Musk likely understand each other on a professional level.

Both are accomplished and ambitious businessmen.

However, it seems they also share an ideological viewpoint in their vision for the future of America.

A source close to the matter said that Trump and Musk had “a growing alliance” and that Trump may use Musk in an advisory capacity if he wins in November.

Musk did not address those rumors during the meeting.

However, Musk has increasingly championed many principles of the American right.

He became a hero of conservatives by buying Twitter, restoring free speech on the social media platform, and rebranding it as X.

In addition, he has been exposing the bias always suspected about Big Tech censorship.

“To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true,” Musk said during an interview on the All In podcast interview in 2022.

“Is there a conspiracy theory about Twitter that didn’t turn out to be true?” Musk added.

“So far, they’ve all turned out to be true.

“If not more true than people thought”

Trump and Musk also have much in common when it comes to their popularity as leaders.

Trump has maintained a loyal voter base despite Democrats’ onslaught that included prosecutions and smear campaigns.

Similarly, Musk just notched another win as his Tesla shareholders voted to reinstate his $44.9 billion compensation package that a Delaware judge previously threw out, the Associated Press reported.

They also opted to move the company’s domicile out of Delaware and into Musk’s home state of Texas.

Like Trump, Musk is undeterred by setbacks and his supporters appreciate that.

They repay him with great loyalty and confidence in Musk’s leadership.

In fact, the approved compensation package is tied up in company investments that can’t be sold for five years, which ensures that Musk is there for the long haul.

“It’s not actually cash, and I can’t cut and run, nor would I want to,” Musk said.

The relationship between Trump and Musk is a good thing for the nation and the American people.

They are both brilliant, innovative, and successful businessmen who can right the path America is on before it’s too late.