Top Analyst Exposes Cover-Up of Mass Deaths Among Vaxxed Children

Top Analyst Exposes Cover-Up of Mass Deaths Among Vaxxed Children

A leading data analyst has raised the alarm after uncovering evidence exposing a major cover-up of mass deaths of children who received Covid mRNA shots.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) analyst Albert Benavides has blown the whistle after realizing that U.S. government data massively underreports the number of children who died from the injections.

VAERS is the national vaccine safety monitoring system that accepts reports of adverse events after vaccination.

The system is controlled by Democrat President Joe Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

VAERS allows doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, health officials, and vaccine manufacturers to report adverse events that occur following vaccination.

Many VAERS reports list “age unknown” for people who were injured or died following a Covid mRNA injection.

After a deeper investigation into the data, Benavides found that report summaries often reveal the victim’s age.

However, VAERS doesn’t update the reports to reflect this.

When Benavides updated the data with the correct age information, the number of child death reports after Covid shots skyrocketed to alarming levels.

Among the causes of death listed in reports submitted to VAERS for Covid-vaccinated children were fetal deaths and miscarriages, sudden cardiac arrest, sudden death, and suicides.

However, these reports do not count toward the total number of child deaths listed in the official U.S. government data because the victims’ ages are officially listed as “unknown,” according to Benavides.

Benavides reviewed the data for his website,

He provided links to many of these “unknown age” child death reports on his site.

As of May 31, VAERS data lists 197 child deaths following Covid mRNA vaccination.

However, Benavides warns:

“There are approximately 418 properly documented deaths in children below age 18.

“There are an additional approximate 120 kid deaths where the summary narrative states ‘child, infant, neonate, baby.’”

Benavides identified these “unknown age” reports using an algorithm and “manual intervention.”

Benavides said his findings indicate “the current total is about 538” child deaths.

He said undercounting is not unusual for VAERS, however.

The data expert notes that his research shows that “30% of all COVID-19 reports in VAERS have an ‘unknown age.’”

“There seems to be at least one hidden kid death in every VAERS update,” Benavides said.

2011 Harvard report found that less than 1% of all adverse events are reported to VAERS.

When the number of unreported child deaths is taken into consideration, the mortality rate soars to shocking levels.

Alarmingly, Benavides said child deaths appear to be concealed at a higher than average rate compared to reports of adult deaths.

According to a paper by Benavides and evolutionary biologist Herve Seligmann, Ph.D., child reports have more missing ages in the VAERS age field by proportion or percentage compared to older cohorts.

“Seligmann analyzed the missing age fields with properly documented summary narratives and has quantified that the younger age cohorts have a higher propensity for missing age than the adults,” Benavides said.

However, Benavides believes that the issues in the data could not be an oversight and argues that the deaths were “hidden” as part of a cover-up.

“These missing ages do not seem organic, especially for the children,” he warns.

Benavides added that they are, “dare I say, hidden.”

Benavides suggested Biden’s CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which administrate VAERS, are obfuscating the true death figures for vaccinated children.

“If the age is properly documented in the summary narrative, why wouldn’t a managerial decision be made to ethically update an empty age field and correct the submitter’s oversight?” Benavides said.

“It is my expert opinion as a former HMO claims auditor, proper age may have been populated in the age field upon submission, but in the minutiae of the adjudication process, the age field data element was deleted or disappeared.”

This news comes after a major new study has just confirmed that Covid mRNA shots are the sole cause of the soaring cases of heart failure among children.

Cases of cardiac-related deaths and heart failure such as myocarditis and pericarditis have been soaring around the world since the Covid injections were rolled out to the public in early 2021.

Myocarditis and pericarditis are inflammatory conditions of the heart and are generally considered to be rare, especially among children.

Severe cases can lead to serious complications and even death.

Both conditions are known side effects of the Covid mRNA shots.

In response, health officials and the corporate media have been pushing the claim that the COVID-19 virus, and not the shots, is behind the phenomenon.

However, a new large-scale study from renowned scientists at the prestigious University of Oxford has just confirmed that myocarditis and pericarditis only appear in children and adolescents after Covid vaccination and not after infection from the virus.

As THAIMBC News reported, the new study looked at the official government data of more than 1 million English children and adolescents aged between five and 11 and 12 and 15.

The study compared vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects.

The researchers also took into account the number of doses of vaccine received.

In detailing their findings, the researchers wrote:

“All myocarditis and pericarditis events during the study period occurred in vaccinated individuals.”

The study also noted that hospitalization related to COVID-19 was extremely rare among children and adolescents.

Additionally, there were no deaths from the virus recorded among the entire subject population.