Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Smoked Crack Every Morning

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Smoked Crack Every Morning

Zoe Kestan, a former stripper and founder of retail store “Weedslut,” testified in court Wednesday that Hunter Biden would smoke crack every morning after waking up and would continue to smoke “every 20 minutes or so.

Kestan met Hunter at a gentleman’s club that she worked at in December 2017, she told the jury.

“It was late at night,” she said, noting Hunter asked for one final private dance. He smoked something from an unusual pipe, she recalled. “I assumed it to be crack cocaine.”

The prosecution showed the jury an image of Kestan and Hunter during their relationship. “It’s a used crack pipe,” Kestan said of a pipe on a bathroom countertop in the image.

Another image prosecutors showed the jury was a photo of Hunter wearing a shirt with “ADDICTED” printed on it. “I thought that was funny because he didn’t smoke weed,” Kestan recalled.Kestan testified that she helped Hunter buy drugs. During a night in New York City’s Four Seasons, Kestan brought a drug dealer named Frankie up to the room, she said, according to CNN’s court reporters:

She also said she witnessed Biden clean out a crack pipe, using “chop sticks and disassembled pens.”

Biden also asked her to get cash for him to buy drugs, she testified, using his mobile banking app to give her a code to use at the ATM.

Kestan said that he told her that he also used this maneuver with dealers, so they could directly withdrawal cash from his bank account.