Biden Heckled during Slurring Anti-Gun Speech, Repeats Same Word 15 Times

Biden Heckled during Slurring Anti-Gun Speech, Repeats Same Word 15 Times

Hecklers managed to derail Democrat President Joe Biden’s already slurred anti-gun speech.

Biden was speaking at the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund’s annual Gun Sense University conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

The president delivered the anti-Second Amendment speech on the same day that his son Hunter Biden was convicted on federal gun charges in Delaware.

However, Biden appeared to get completely lost and baffled when pro-Hamas protesters interrupted his speech, video coverage from Fox News shows.

The speech began with the sycophants in the audience chanting “Four more years.

Biden, reveling in the choreographed attention, said, “Thank you, thank you, please have a seat.”

He then began his remarks on gun violence.

He started by praising the courage of those telling their stories of how they “lost someone to gun violence.”

“It’s been a passion of mine for a long, long time,” he continued, before boasting about his milquetoast accomplishments.

“It’s the reason, way back, a long time ago, I authored the Violence Against Women Act, which no one thought made any sense,” he claimed.

He continued by sleepily jumping from one point to another, slurring his words as he struggled to read from the teleprompter while patting himself on the back for his alleged work against gun violence.

Biden praised the “extraordinary courage” of the people at the event who told their stories of losing a loved one to gun violence.

The speech quickly unraveled, however.

Biden was telling the crowd that “I know what it’s like” to get those devastating phone calls.

He added that “just showing up here, and all the work you’ve done takes some courage because it reminds you of the moment you got that phone call.”

His speech then suddenly fell apart due to an untimely interruption.

“The main reason I’m here, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart …” he began when a group of pro-Hamas protesters interjected.

Their words were difficult to make out in the video.

According to The Guardian, they yelled, “You’re complicit in genocide!”

They were then drowned out with “boos” and jeers from the rest of the pro-Biden audience.

The crowd resumed their chant of “four more years” while the protesters desperately tried to spread their pro-Hamas message.

Biden, who appeared lost and lethargic, then attempted to diffuse the situation by repeating the word “no” at least fifteen times.

Then after weakly interjecting, “folks … folks,” Biden said, “It’s okay, look, they care.

“Innocent children have been lost. They make a point.”

Biden would have been better off yelling “no” in perpetuity.


As THAIMBC News reported earlier, Hunter Biden was convicted on three felony gun charges on Tuesday.

The Wilmington, Delaware jury unanimously voted to convict the president’s son.

The jury returned the following verdicts:

  • Count 1: False statement (firearms sale) – GUILTY
  • Count 2: False statement (transaction record) – GUILTY
  • Count 3: Illegal possession of a firearm – GUILTY

President Biden has reportedly claimed that his son has been the victim of a weaponized justice system.

He believes the case would have never gone to trial if he wasn’t running for re-election in November.

Classic projection?