Trump Leads Biden in National Polls Following Conviction

Trump Leads Biden in National Polls Following Conviction

Recent national surveys show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in the polls after Trump’s recent conviction, indicating stable support despite legal challenges.

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in recent national polls following Trump’s conviction. A survey conducted by the Economist/YouGov asked registered voters who they plan to vote for in the November 2024 presidential election. The results showed Trump with 42% support compared to Biden’s 40%, a two-point lead. Earlier in June, both candidates were tied with 42% each.\

The conviction has not negatively affected Trump’s support, with his numbers holding steady and Biden’s dipping slightly. The survey also found that 3% of respondents would support independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while Green Party candidate Jill Stein and independent candidate Cornel West each garnered 1%. Nine percent of respondents were unsure, and 2% said they would not vote.

Another survey highlighted Trump’s significant lead among independent voters, with 37% support compared to Biden’s 26%, an 11-point difference.

Cygnal’s national poll also mirrored these findings, showing Trump leading Biden by two points in a head-to-head matchup, 47% to 45%. When third-party candidates were included, Trump still led by three points, with 41% to Biden’s 38%, according to the Cygnal poll.

In Pennsylvania, a key swing state, Trump leads Biden by two points, 47% to 45%. The consistent trend across these polls indicates that Trump’s conviction has not hurt his standing with voters.