Swiss Cardiologist Calls For The Abolishment of The World Health Organization

Swiss Cardiologist Calls For The Abolishment of The World Health Organization
FILE PHOTO: Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Swiss Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder has called for the World Health Organization (WHO) to be abolished after their dangerous statements and actions during the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Binder MD studied medicine at the University of Zurich, received his doctorate in immunology and virology, specialized in internal medicine and cardiology, and has 35 years of clinical experience.

He made headlines when he was forced into a psychiatric hospital after speaking out against the globalist COVID narrative.

TGP reports: Dr. Thomas Binder later told Dr. Drew last year that he was forcibly hospitalized – and required to take psychiatric medications – for speaking out against pandemic panic and the narrative surrounding COVID-19.

Recently, Dr. Binder called for the abolshment of the World Health Organization, after the botched and extremely dangerous actions and statements during the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Thomas Binder: Dear fellow humans, my name is Thomas Binder. I study medicine in Zurich, obtained a doctorate in Immunology and Virology, specialized in internal medicine and cardiology, and have 35 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections in hospitals, in intensive care units, and in my private practice.

While there has never been a pandemic of a killer virus, there was a pandemic of cowards. And do we, doctors, see a pandemic of severe illnesses and of sudden unexpected deaths from heart attack, myocarditis, aortic dissection, stroke and pulmonary embolism, thrombosis and inflammation of other organs, especially with brain and spinal cord, disseminated intravascular coagulation, increased infections, including COVID due to immunosuppression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, miscarriage, and many more.

This modified RNA genocide is the greatest medical crime in human history, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is working on transferring all vaccinations to the modified RNA vaccine platform. It is doing so, though just being able to count and to distinguish for and from self, even having a trace of intelligence complications, is enough to realize that the modified RNA vaccine platform is totally nonsensical and life-threatening. Its two fundamental flaws are the injection of the construction plan for a protein foreign to the body without having any control over which body cells will produce it, in what dose and for how long, and the fact that the cells who are coerced to produce this foreign protein and then present it on the surface will be mistakenly recognized by our immune system as foreign, thus destroyed, much like the rejection of a foreign organ transplanted into you.

The alleged modified RNA vaccination coerces your body to produce a toxin in an unknown dose, and for an unknown period of time, and literally transforms parts of you into an alien. Therefore, the entire modified RNA vaccine platform must be banned immediately.

Your government is currently negotiating a pandemic treaty with the WHO. If it signs it, the WHO will be placed above the constitution of your country, and not only you, but also your government and your parliament will lose all freedom of choice. Who controls the WHO controls the world. The only reasonable, 100% effective and safe prevention of another criminal pandemic is immediate smashing of the WHO into a thousand pieces.

Dear fellow humans, if you have been injected once or even several times, and perhaps even suffer from severe side effects of the modified RNA injections, do not despair. More and more responsible doctors are willing to help you, and more and more responsible scientists are researching for, one day, being able to treat even their most complex side effects. I think with the modified RNA injections, it is like with smoking. It is almost never too late to give it up and to live healthier.

Whether you were injected or not, wake up, give your spine a booster, stand up and tell the manufacturer, your alleged experts, your government, your parliamentarians, your generals, and your authorities who have, from the point of view of the populace, totally failed in the COVID scandal. Enough is enough!

Step back at last and then stand in chorus. Do this, and do this, if not for yourself, then for a future living for your children and grandchildren. Now.”