Renowned Cardiologist Issues Red Alert: ‘Cardiac Arrests Are Skyrocketing’

Renowned Cardiologist Issues Red Alert: ‘Cardiac Arrests Are Skyrocketing’  McCullough

One of the world’s leading cardiologists has issued a major public warning over the “skyrocketing” number of cardiac arrests among people vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of America’s most cited heart specialists, is warning that cardiac arrests have spiked by 25% in vaxxed people.

McCullough raised the alarm by highlighting data from Seattle, Washington.

As the top cardiologist notes, Seattle has the highest vaccination rate in the country.

98 percent of the population of Seattle has received at least one dose of the Covid injections.

“The best paramedic system in the United States” is reporting a staggering “25% increase in cardiac arrest in Seattle,” McCullough revealed during an interview with Infowars.

This alarming increase coincides perfectly with the rollout of the COVID-19 injections.

“98 percent of the population took the vaccines in Seattle,” McCullough explains.

“And so we know they’re the most heavily vaccinated population, I think, in the United States.”

McCullough also noted that, aside from cardiac arrests, cancers, strokes, blood clots, immunity disorders, and sudden deaths are also soaring among the Covid-vaccinated.


The warning from McCullough comes after bombshell reporting from THAIMBC News revealed that the Covid shots may have permanently altered the human genome.

A disturbing new study has revealed that Covid mRNA shots permanently alter the DNA of those who receive the injections.

Alarmingly, however, these dangerous changes to the DNA will be passed on to the offspring of the Covid-vaccinated.

Last week, Dr. McCullough posted a video to X, in which he highlighted the study.

McCullough reveals that the explosive study has been massively censored across Big Tech social media platforms.

He focuses on LinkedIn’s censorship of the study, which was blocked from public view despite being published by the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine.

The study documents how mRNA gene therapy vaccines such as the Covid shots permanently alter the genetics of the vaccinated.

Additionally, the study found that the progeny of the vaxxed is also affected by the insertion of mRNA into the human DNA.

“The Pfizer and Moderna genetic code is permanently installed into the human genome,” McCullough said.

“So as we sit here today we have to reconcile that Pfizer and Moderna potentially could have permanently changed the human genome.”

The eminent doctor also notes that conclusive research has not yet been conducted to confirm if the entire mRNA sequence is permanently incorporated into DNA.

McCullough said he hopes the body will edit out the mRNA from the injections.

However, he warns that there is a strong possibility that mankind* has forever been fundamentally altered.

He referred to these permanent alterations of the human race as “very disturbing.”

“What if eggs and sperm took up the Pfizer and Moderna Covid [vaccines] and it’s permanently installed, then they would pass it on to the baby,” he said.

“That’s the great concern.”


In conclusion of his recent findings, McCullough has now issued a bone-chilling warning to the public that the Covid-vaccinated will remain at risk of dying for up to 15 years after they received their last Covid mRNA shot.

The acclaimed American doctor raised the alarm over long-term deaths of the vaxxed during a new interview with Real America’s Voice.

He is calling on governments to recognize the necessity for long-term follow-up examinations and studies of those vaccinated with the mRNA injections.

“When I testified before the U.S. House of Representatives this year I told them, at least five years of concern, maybe as long as 15, because most people took genetic, or messenger RNA vaccines,” McCullough said.

“These appear to last in the body a very long time producing the dangerous spike protein.”