Scientists Launch New Bird Flu mRNA Vaccine for Mass Public Vaccinations

Scientists Launch New Bird Flu mRNA Vaccine for Mass Public Vaccinations  H5N1

Scientists have just unveiled a new experimental mRNA vaccine that they claim is “ready” to be pushed onto the general public to “prevent human infections” of bird flu.

Penn Medicine researchers announced that they’ve developed an experimental Avian Flu mRNA vaccine in preparation for a mass vaccination campaign ahead of the 2024 U.S. general election.

In a statement, researchers said preclinical models of the experimental vaccine were “highly effective” in preventing severe illness and death.

Though the Avian Flu’s current H5N1 strain is not a risk to humans, Penn State researchers expressed concern that it “may evolve and cause a human pandemic.”

They further noted that mRNA technology provides flexibility if such were to happen, allowing for mass production within hours of sequencing a particular virus strain.

In their study, mice and ferrets given the mRNA vaccine were then exposed to the virus and got infected, but “cleared the virus more rapidly and displayed fewer symptoms than unvaccinated controls.”

“All of the vaccinated animals in our study survived, whereas all of the unvaccinated animals died following the H5N1 challenge,” they said.

The vaccine targeted a specific subtype of the Avian flu referred to as H5N1 clade.

NIH “closely monitoring”

The announcement came Thursday, about twelve hours before the NIH provided an update of their own on the Avian Flu, stating they found high levels of the virus in mice after giving them raw milk from Avian Flu-infected cows.

The NIH acknowledged that the virus has shown no genetic evidence of acquiring the ability to spread from person to person but said that they are “closely monitoring the dairy cow situation as part of overarching pandemic preparedness efforts.”

Medically exiled expert cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough noted in his substack that the specific source variant “could have been facilitated by the USDA Poultry Research Center in Athens, Georgia where researchers were working with this virus in mallard ducks in 2022.”

The birds and the decrees

Scaremongering over a potential bird flu pandemic “100 times worse than COVID” has started ramping up months before the American presidential election, just like COVID before the last one.

Last year, The World Health Organization (WHO) said the world must prepare for a new pandemic – this time, the H5N1 bird flu.

WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the WHO is working with national authorities and partners “to monitor the situation closely and to study cases of H5N1 cases in humans — when they open.”