Supreme Court Gives Trump BIG Win – Case CLOSED

Supreme Court Gives Trump BIG Win – Case CLOSED

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a highly anticipated case on the legal ability of Democratic lawmakers to file a lawsuit in order to acquire papers pertaining to the former Washington, D.C., hotel of former President Donald Trump.

“After the high court last month agreed to hear the Biden Justice Department’s appeal in the case, Democrats dismissed the dispute in a lower court. Both sides then wrote to the justices agreeing that the Supreme Court should toss it as moot. In a brief, unsigned order Monday, the justices vacated the lower ruling and sent it back with instructions to dismiss the case. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented from the order, saying she would’ve instead used a different procedural mechanism to toss the case,” The Hill reported.

“The Justice Department had asked the justices to declare that the Democrats could not sue in court to enforce the rule, which allows any seven members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability or any five members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee to ask for information within their purview from executive agencies. But after Democrats dismissed the case, the Justice Department said the Supreme Court should step away from hearing its appeal,” the outlet added.

“Three weeks after the Court granted review, respondents filed a notice of voluntary dismissal in district court,” the Justice Department wrote to the justices. “Although that notice does not of its own force terminate proceedings in this Court, respondents’ abandonment of their claims does render this case moot.”

Democrats concurred that the Supreme Court should resolve the dispute.

“The respondents have not formally withdrawn their Section 2954 request or explicitly renounced any attempt to seek the disputed documents in the future,” they stated. Given the circumstances, their notification in the district court and letter to this Court should be considered as a clear and final renunciation of their rights.

A federal judge in Florida has set a preliminary start date of August 14 for the trial of former President Donald Trump in a separate case related to his handling of secret documents.

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon allocated the final two weeks of August for the significant trial, as outlined in a comprehensive ruling that established initial guidelines and timeframes for the case. According to Politico, this would indicate an unexpectedly fast progress for a case that is anticipated to be complex and involve extensive legal disputes over highly sensitive classified information.

“But a review of Cannon’s criminal cases, since she took the bench in late 2020, suggests this is standard practice for the Florida-based judge. She typically sets trial dates six to eight weeks from the start of a case, only to allow weeks- or months-long delays as issues arise and the parties demand more time to prepare. While her order on Tuesday starts the clock on a slew of important pretrial matters in the Trump case, it’s not likely to resemble anything close to the timeframe that will ultimately govern the case,” the outlet added.

On Monday, Special Counsel Jack Smith achieved an initial victory in his conflict against Trump.

A federal judge granted Smith’s request for a protective order to prevent Trump from revealing sensitive information in their classified documents dispute.

According to ABC News, Smith requested the order to prevent both Trump and codefendant Walt Nauta, who is Trump’s presidential valet, from revealing any sensitive information they obtained during the discovery process. This process involves prosecutors presenting the defense with the evidence they have gathered during their investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents after he left office.

The protective order stipulated that Trump and Nauta are prohibited from revealing the Discovery Materials or their contents to anyone other than individuals employed to aid in the defense, individuals interviewed as potential witnesses, legal representatives of potential witnesses, and other individuals authorized by the Court to receive such information.

Recently, a former attorney who defended Trump in criminal cases is asserting that the investigation into Trump about the alleged mishandling of sensitive documents may not proceed to a trial.

Timothy Parlatore, formerly a criminal defense attorney for Trump, discussed Trump’s upcoming arraignment in Miami during an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. The case against Trump was initiated by Smith, who was appointed by Biden’s Department of Justice.

Trump entered a plea of “not guilty” in a federal court. If Trump is convicted on all charges, he, as President Joe Biden’s primary competitor in the upcoming presidential election, may potentially be sentenced to several decades in imprisonment.

Parlatore contended that he has the belief that there are inherent deficiencies in the case, including with the grand jury procedure and violations of attorney-client confidentiality. Parlatore expressed his conviction that this could lead to the complete dismissal of the entire case.

Parlatore suggested that Trump’s lawyers should vigorously challenge the integrity of the entire investigation and meticulously demonstrate how the government’s misconduct has irreparably tainted it. He further argued that as a result, the case should either be dismissed entirely or, at the very least, the prosecutor should be disqualified.