‘Long Covid’ Exposed as Cover Up of Vaccine-Induced HIV

‘Long Covid’ Exposed as Cover Up of Vaccine-Induced HIV

A bombshell new report has revealed that cases of so-called “long-Covid” are actually a cover-up for those who are suffering from mRNA vaccine-induced HIV.

Leading HIV/AIDS expert Rebecca Smith discusses the similarities between “long Covid” and HIV/AIDS or “VAIDS” on her Substack.

She highlights evidence proving that the two conditions are actually the same.

Smith references an interview with Dr. Deborah Birx, in which she compares the spread and destructive nature of both viruses.

The emergence of “long Covid” cannot be ignored and is now being discussed by medical professionals.

Smith also mentions the controversy surrounding non-HIV AIDS patients, who were renamed and labeled as “rare” during the 1990 AIDS conference.

The comparison between the two conditions raises questions about the pathogenicity of long Covid, but Smith remains optimistic about the potential for new developments in treating and understanding these conditions and hopeful that new information may lead to significant changes in the future.

Since AIDS began, there has been a tacit agreement that non-HIV AIDS is not a thing and must never be discussed for to do so would be to admit that HIV is not necessary for AIDS.

Thanks to the existence of long-term survivors—and there must be a ton of those, given that on average, 30% of HIV positives don’t even know their status—we already knew that HIV is not sufficient for AIDS. 

Dr. Birx’s statement represents a small but potentially significant crack in the wall.

Now that the cat is peeking its head out of the bag, it may not be able to be coaxed back in.

The next few months and years could turn out to be very interesting indeed.

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