Dutch Lawyer Faces Prison for Politely Criticizing Mass Migration Online

Dutch Lawyer Faces Prison for Politely Criticizing Mass Migration Online  Raisa Blommestijn

A Dutch conservative lawyer faces a hefty prison sentence after being charged with “inciting hatred” for politely criticizing mass migration on social media.

Raisa Blommestijn expressed her shock in an online post in response to a viral video showing a white boy being beaten up and thrown onto a railway track by a gang of migrants, who left the boy for dead.

Shortly after expressing her views Blommestijn received an order to appear before a Dutch prosecutor at a court hearing in front of multiple judges on August 19th.

Modernity.news reports: The charges stem from comments Blommestijn made on social media in response to a video of a defenseless Dutch boy being brutally kicked and punched as he lay on the ground at an Amsterdam Metro station in May last year before he was thrown onto the railway track.

“Yet another white man got kicked around in the street by a group of black primates. How many defenseless white people remain to become victims? Countless probably: the open borders elite is importing these people in droves, with all the consequences that entails,” she wrote.

Blommestijn said she was subjected to a four hour police interrogation over her comments and later learned that she would be facing prosecution.

In Netherlands usual suspects attack a defenseless Dutch boy and throw him onto the tracks. No one intervenes to defend poor victim. Is this Europe you want for your children?

“Until now, it was still unclear what would happen next with this case. Unfortunately, I can tell you that as of today, there is clarity. The sword of Damocles has fallen because this morning I found this letter in my letterbox. A letter that cannot be seen as anything other than a subpoena,” the lawyer told her followers.

The conservative warned that people were being “persecuted for their political opinions” and for opposing mass migration by a nation that is “pretending to be a democracy, a country with freedom of speech.”

Prominent conservatives being punished by authorities for expressing strong anti-mass migration views has become a common theme across Europe, with the state seeking to make an example of them in order to silence dissent.

As we recently highlighted, a German politician was found guilty of ‘incitement’ by a district court after she posted a link to the government’s own statistics on crimes committed by migrants, specifically rape, and asked why they are so disproportionately high.

Three former members of Belgium’s right-wing ‘Nation’ party were also convicted for Facebook posts in which they compared the Brussels district of Molenbeek to Africa due to its massive non-native population and demanded the Belgian government put “our people first.”