50 Cent Sells His Documentary on Diddy to Netflix After Bidding War

50 Cent Sells His Documentary on Diddy to Netflix After Bidding War

Rapper 50 Cent has reportedly sold his documentary on the sexual abuse allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs to Netflix. The multi-part documentary, titled Diddy Do It? produced by G-Unit Film and Television Studios, was the subject of a massive bidding war between multiple networks and streaming services.

50 Cent confirmed the sale by way of commenting on TMZ’s article on X. He first complained that they used a “fat boy picture” of him, speculating that the reason was due to Netflix choosing his Diddy documentary over theirs, which was sold to Tubi and premiered on April 28th.

“It’s ok guys we’re all making great television mines just happens to be the best! NETFLIX wins the bidding war but if more victims keep coming out I’m gonna need more episodes,” he wrote.

Netflix seemed to take its article picture down and replace it with a more flattering one. 50 took note.

On Tuesday, Diddy received another civil lawsuit from model Crystal McKinney, who claims Diddy sexually assaulted her in 2003. The suit alleges Diddy allegedly invited her to his New York studio only to overwhelm her with alcohol and marijuana before forcing her to perform oral sex.

As THAIMBC news previously reported, Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by Homeland Security as part of an investigation into the multiple suits filed against him by figures like Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.

Lil Rod alleged that 50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy was one of three sex workers in Diddy’s alleged sex trafficking ring. Diddy allegedly “bragged about” paying them a “monthly stipend” for their prostitution services.

50 Cent uploaded a screenshot of Lil Rod’s filing to Instagram, writing: ““Smh this is gonna be so good, what you want to bet I’m a get these tapes,” he wrote. “I’ll pay top dollar for them, you been over there? I don’t go to puffy party’s.” During an October 2023 concert, 50 said the same thing: “That’s why I don’t be going to them Puffy parties. [He’ll] hug you from the front and the back at the same time? F**k you talkin’ about? Look, if you into that, you into that. I’m fine with it. To each* his own. I’m just sayin’ this ain’t my motherf**king kind of party. It’s uncomfortable. I think I belong in the girls’ bathroom when s**t like that is going on.”

A full account of the pair’s feud was written up by US Magazine here.