Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Reveals Merrick Garland’s Arrest May Be Coming

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Reveals Merrick Garland’s Arrest May Be Coming

Pro-MAGA Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) had a packed schedule on Thursday. The pro-Trump supporter traveled to New York City with several colleagues to join President Trump during his ongoing trial.

Later, she spoke with reporters after spending the day observing the controversial court proceedings in New York City. Representative Anna Paulina Luna then returned to Washington, D.C., to join her fellow Republicans for the contempt vote against Merrick Garland in the House Oversight Committee.

During the hearing, Representative Paulina Luna had to quiet Democrat Jasmine Crockett, who started screaming and cussing as if she were at a weekend WWE event. As the hearing proceeded, Paulina Luna warned Attorney General Merrick Garland that he is not above the law and that his imminent arrest may be coming.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: During my time off for maternity, after I was told that I could not vote, I actually spent that time reading the House Rulebook Emmanuel. And there’s something that hasn’t been used since the early 1900s called Inherent Contempt of Congress. It’s actually something that any one individual member reserves.

The Attorney General thought he was above the law and did not comply not just with one subpoena, but with two subpoenas. Those are subpoenas from both Chairman Jordan and Chairman Comer.

I want to read this to you because ultimately, if in 10 days, the Department of Justice does not do their job and hold the attorney general responsible, just like they would any other American, I think that it should be our job in the House of Representatives to bring an inherent contempt proceeding against the Attorney General, of which I’ve already filed that privileged motion over a week ago.

I would like to read it real quickly in saying that, “Resolved that if in 10 days after the passage of this report, the Department of Justice has failed to indict Attorney General Garland, the speaker of the House of Representatives shall issue his warrant commanding the sergeant in arms or his duty to take into custody the body of the said Attorney General Garland, wherever found, and bring him to the said Attorney General Garland before the bar of the House of Representatives, then and there to provide documents, materials, and answers such questions pertinent to the matter under inquiry as the House of Representatives may order the Speaker of the House of Representatives to propound and to keep the said Attorney General Garland in custody to wait further orders of the House of Representatives.

This is something that we reserve as an authority in order to bring back order to a house that has seemed to have forgotten it.