Boeing Under Criminal Investigation for Covering-Up ‘Deliberate Sabotage’ of Planes

Boeing Under Criminal Investigation for Covering-Up ‘Deliberate Sabotage’ of Planes  dreamliner

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched a criminal investigation into the deliberate sabotage of airplanes by Boeing.

According to reports, federal investigators are looking into claims that Boeing’s South Carolina factory is deliberately omitting mandatory inspections while its employees falsify records.

The investigation was launched after Boeing reluctently came forward to notify the FAA about “misconduct” at the North Charleston plant, particularly with regard to the failing 787 Dreamliner program. reports: “The company voluntarily informed us in April that it may not have completed required inspections to confirm adequate bonding and grounding where the wings join the fuselage on certain 787 Dreamliner airplanes,” the FAA said in a statement.

“Boeing is reinspecting all 787 airplanes still within the production system and must also create a plan to address the in-service fleet.”

When the news of an inquiry dropped, Boeing’s share price dropped by 1.5 percent.

Flying on a Dreamliner? Beware

All Dreamliner airplanes currently in operation are unaffected by the news, meaning they will continue to fly as normal even though there could be problems with their construction integrity.

The only airplanes being double checked are those still at the final assembly plant in North Charleston, which means those deliveries will be delayed until the final checks are conducted.

Boeing reportedly released an internal memo following inquiries by the media that explains how a worker named Scott Stocker at the plant noticed an “irregularity” in the required wing-to-body joint tests, which he quickly reported to his manager.

“After receiving the report, we quickly reviewed the matter and learned that several people had been violating Company policies by not performing a required test, but recording the work as having been completed,” Stocker said, followed by Boeing indicating that it has since taken “swift and serious corrective action” to remediate the situation.

There are other problems with Dreamliner construction as well, including delayed production and delivery of a key component in the airplane. Boeing says U.S. sanctions on Russia are to blame for this delay because the required parts are manufactured via a joint U.S.-Russia venture.

More bad news also came to investors after Boeing announced that there will not quite be as many Dreamliner jets delivered as was originally planned this year due to shortages of heat exchangers and cabin seating.

Production of Boeing’s infamous 737 MAX jet, which is riddled with problems as it is, also fell to single digits per month after one of the planes owned by Alaska Airlines had its door plug blow out mid-flight back in January.

There have been multiple problems with the 737 MAX over the years, including two separate crashes in 2018 and 2019 that resulted in more than 340 deaths.

“The apple does not fall far from the tree,” one commenter noted about Boeing’s continued decline. “A serial killer, dying and decaying U.S. empire reflected perfectly upon a serial killer, dying and decaying Boeing.”

“Boeing should be investigated also for suddenly killing whistleblowers,” wrote another. “It is no longer a coincidence.”

“Three whistleblowers so far and two ‘committed an Epstein.’ How low has the U.S. sunk and in particular Boeing? It used to make the safest aircraft in the world, including the jumbo jet. Today, it is making garbage and if anyone thinks something is going to happen as a result of this investigation, think again. The entire U.S. system is corrupt like this.”